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27 June 2012 @ 03:35 am
Since most of my flist people got totally addicted to Teen Wolf lately... (yes, you know who you are!) and just won't stop pimping it (I still didn't start it tough - much more of a vampire person than werewolf person) - let me pimp the show I'm obsessed with.

It's called Winners & Losers. It's about 4 midtwenty girls who win the lottery and it's set in australia. Even tough it feels very much like a soap opera from time to time I love most all of the characters <3 They are all so loveable and quirky and great. Except Beg. She could drop dead and apart from the then following devastating drama I don't care about her. The other 3 girls Jenny, Frances and Sophie are much cooler. (That's maybe down to the fact that a. I see myself in Frances & Jenny and b. Beg is stirring up some twists between my OTP which I had right from the start)

And the guys... OMG!!! All hail Doug!!! ^_^

Today season 2 FINALLY started and I wouldn't know what I would do without the Internet ^^
And after my huge OTP got together in season 1 finale, my other OTP which was heating up more and more over the season got together in one of the sweetest storylines imo in today's opener! Wheeee!!!! Can't wait for more!!!!!

But to kill some time until next weeks episode I might start on Teen Wolf after all. But only if at least one of you starts my show. Prettyplease!? Otherwise I just keep the current episode on repeat until I even know Beg's parts off by heart...
27 April 2012 @ 08:15 am
I went to see the Avengers yesterday for which I literally waited more than 2 years... (I guess there is only one other movie for which we've all been waitin longer - The Hobbit).

Ok. The big post including my review I'm gonna write later. Now I have to get out to start the day properly.
18 May 2011 @ 07:27 am
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote!!!! For Camistryy!

She's loosing to a douchebag of an entry... :(

Votes are able once a day.
16 May 2011 @ 11:55 pm
Vote right here! VOTE RIGHT HERE!!!!!
It's for my nerdy friend secretsmile90 <3 So damn awesome! That IPod Nano is yours, girl! At least compared to that shit which the other girls + guy submitted.
(Soll das eine Darren Criss nacheifern? xD)

In other news: Eurovision Song Contest!
Best song of the night was this one:

Closely followed by this one:

(hehe BERLIN!!!! Und Gartenzwerge-Hüte <3 Ich mag die Jungs!)

The actual winner was boring as shit - and as wickedground and me noticed: it was a perfect song for a Finchel-Duet. (btw: I'm all for a Glee-Eurovision Song Contest Episode ^^)

Lena was not really good, but also not really bad! Well... Right? And I totally missed Alexander Rybak :( And the Flashmob from last year... :(

Just skip forward to 6:28 <3

Altough the first scene with Petunia is hauntingly beautiful, but nothing compares to Ron&Hermione adorableness... How he looks at her <3

And tell me again - why did they cut that last scene out and left the stupid dance in the movie? Seriously?

Uhhh - CAN'T WAIT FOR THE BLU-RAY!!! YAY! Just another week of waiting - Jippy!
24 March 2011 @ 01:15 pm
28 February 2011 @ 02:46 pm
V 2.08 Uneasy Lies the Head Clip 4

OMG! I officially die of flail...
Current Mood jubilant
30 January 2011 @ 12:08 pm
During the last week I noticed, that germany kind of got addicted to How I met you Mother - but in the german dubbed version and only as far as the german broadcasting is concerned (They are airing season 5 on a primetime spot every wednesday - but not just 1 episode... They show 4 'new' episodes in a row!)

And all the time I'm thinking - huh??? whut? When did that happened???

And I'm kinda between 2 chairs - on one side they love one of my favourite shows in the world and all of the sudden they want to do high fives every other 10 seconds (Yeah, back in '09, when I got addicted no one wanted to give me a high five -.-'). But on the other hand - it's dubbed in german... that's like a no-go for an eternity... The jokes are NOTfreakingFUNNY in german. Let's take 'legen - wait for it - dary'. In german it's like this: 'legen - wart kurz drauf! - där' Huh? Gesundheit???

Or take the word 'Dude' and (the greatest word of them all) 'awesome'. The german language doesn't have good translations for either of these words. Seriously. They translate 'dude' with 'Alter!' or 'Typ!' - and especially 'Alter' is like - I don't know - wannabe-ghetto-slang.
And 'awesome' - my poor favourite word - 'Echt krass' *uuurgh* - usually used by the same wannabe-ghetto-kids here in germany.

So basically they turned this show with their dubbed version alone into a farce. But at least the audience gave this show some space on a primetime slot. That's at least something ^^ Oh yeah, and the DVD for season 5 gets to be released a lot earlier then usually ^^ But now it's gonna cost me a little fortune O.o 40 bucks? Are you serious amazon????
The Bro Code in german? *shudder*
06 January 2011 @ 07:12 pm

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